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What Is Causing Your Bad Breath?

Bad Breath Indian Land SC

Are you starting the new year with bad breath? While there are several things we can’t control in 2021, your breath odor can be. If you’ve battled chronic bad breath in the past, it’s time to get to the root of the problem so that you can move forward with better confidence. Bad breath, or halitosis, is more than just embarrassing. It can be a warning sign that your oral health is compromised. In order to treat your bad breath effectively, it is crucial that you first determine the cause.

Poor Dental Hygiene
The most common cause of halitosis is extra bacteria in the mouth. When you don’t keep up with your brushing and flossing efforts, bacteria stays in the mouth and multiplies. As it feeds and breeds, this bacteria releases foul-smelling sulfur compounds that will make others want to step away.

Dry Mouth
Moisture in your mouth is important. Your saliva plays an integral role in keeping your mouth clean, rinsing away food debris and neutralizing acids. If you’re lacking in spit, bacteria can overrun your mouth and contribute to bad breath. This explains why we wake up with morning breath; your saliva production naturally slows down while you sleep.

Health Conditions
Your bad breath could also be coming from a disease or problem in another part of your body. Medical issues such as diabetes, kidney disease, acid reflux, sinus problems and lung disease have all been linked to halitosis.

Cavities & Gum Disease
When tooth decay or gum infection (gum disease) sets in, it can produce unpleasant odors until it is treated. Both cavities and gum disease are caused by bacteria accumulation and prevented with proper dental hygiene.

If you smoke, you are more likely to suffer from bad breath. This goes beyond the smell of cigarettes. Tobacco use causes dry mouth and introduces chemicals into the mouth that cause gum disease and other oral health problems.

At Carolina Commons Dentistry, we can help you freshen your breath. While mints and chewing gum can mask your embarrassing mouth odor temporarily, treating bad breath at its source is the most long-term and effective solution. In some cases, a professional dental cleaning is all you need to do to make yourself more approachable. For others, a dry mouth remedy helps tremendously. Contact us today!

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